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Boom Beach Apk Free Download

Boom Beach Apk Free Download

Boom Beach Apk free is a top-rated mobile strategy game created by Supercell. These challenges players to build their own tropical . This game is a combination of tower defense, real-time strategies, and base building.

Boom Beach Apk

The players must collect resources like wood, stone, and gold in order to upgrade and construct their base buildings. This includes defensive structures such as machine guns, sniper towers, and mortars. Players can train troops for attacks against other player bases or computer-controlled enemy bases with the aim of capturing resources and extending their territory.

Boom Beach apk asynchronous multiplayer gameplay is one of its unique features. Players can attack the bases of other players, but this is not done in real-time. It adds a strategic element as players have to carefully plan their defenses and attacks. Boom Beach can be downloaded from the respective app stores for Android and iOS. 

boom beach


  • Base building: The player starts with a small, island-based base. They must then develop it to become a fortress. Upgrades are available for a variety of buildings including defensive structures, resource collectors, and troop training facilities.
  • Resource management: Gather wood, stone, and iron to upgrade your base, and train troops. Resource management is key to success in this game.
  • Troops Training: You can train a variety of different troops with their own unique abilities. 
  • Multiplayer battles: Participate in both player-vs.-player (PvP), and player-vs. the environment (PvE), battles. Attack the bases of other players to steal resources, or take on computer-controlled enemies to earn rewards.
  • Multiplayer Asynchronous In Boom Beach you can attack the bases of other players, but this is not done in real-time. Logging in allows players to defend their base, which adds a new layer of strategy when planning raids.
  • Task Force Operation: Create a task force with other players and take on cooperative missions to earn rewards. These operations require teamwork and coordination to be successful.
  • Upgrades As you progress through the game you will unlock new upgrades, and you can research technologies that will enhance your troops’ defenses. This allows for an enhanced and more personalized gaming experience.
  • Tropical Setting: Boom Beach is set in a tropical island with a colorful setting. This adds to the visual appeal of the game and makes it stand out from other strategy games.
  • Regular Updates: The developers release regular updates that include new content, challenges, and events.

APK Permissions:

  • open network sockets
  • Access to information about networks
  • Stop the processor from sleeping and the screen from dimming
  • Change Wi-Fi connectivity status
  • Access information about WiFi networks
  • Read from External Storage
  • Write to External Storage


  • Access to the Game: If Boom Beach is not available in your region’s official app store, downloading the APK might allow you to access and play the game.
  • No App Store Restrictions: Some users prefer to bypass app store restrictions or limitations, which can be useful if you have a rooted or modified Android device.
  • Avoiding App Store Requirements: You may want to avoid creating an account with an app store or providing personal information to app store services.

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