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 Manok Na Pula APK Free Download

 Manok Na Pula APK Free Download

 Manok Na Pula APK is often played by kids. The name translates into “Red Rooster”. This game is usually played outside and participants must gather in a large circle or an open area. 

 Manok Na Pula APK

  In this game, the hunter or “it” is the one who plays the game.The “hunter’s” goal is to tag as many chickens as possible.The “hunter” has to close their eyes while counting, and the “chickens”, who are hiding and dispersing, scatter and run. After the counting, the “hunter”, by listening to their voices and clues, try catching the “chickens”. In the next round, the “chickens”, who have been caught, become the “hunters”. not only brings joy to Filipino children, but it also encourages teamwork, creativity, and physical activity.


  1. Physical activity: Manok Na Pula encourages players to run, hide, and tag one another. It encourages outdoor play and exercise, which are good for the health of children.
  2. Interaction Social: This game encourages teamwork and social interaction among players.
  3. Creativity and Imagination: Manok Na Pula encourages creativity by encouraging players to find creative hiding places and devise inventive ways of avoiding being tagged. It promotes creativity and imagination.
  4. Cultural Heritage: The game serves to help children connect with their roots, and learn about their culture.
  5. ren with a variety of physical abilities and ages. It is therefore accessible to many participants.



  • Interaction Sociale: This game promotes social interaction, teamwork, and communication as children  It develops social skills and fosters relationships.
  •  This encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Creativity & Imagination: Manok Na Pula encourages players to be creative and imaginative when selecting hiding places, devising diversionary tactics, and creating escape plans.
  • Outdoor exploration: Playing the game outside encourages children to explore their natural surroundings, appreciate nature, and become more aware. This game can help children connect with nature and reduce their screen time.
  • Cultural awareness: Manok Na Pula, a traditional Filipino board game, can help children connect with their culture and learn about local customs.
  • Physical Confidence By successfully evading and tagging your opponent in the game, you can help boost a child’s confidence.
  • Healthy Competitors: Healthy competitors are an integral part of the game.
  • Stress Relieving: Outdoor games, such as Manok Na Pula can help children relax and have fun.
  • Building bonds and friendship: Playing with friends helps to strengthen relationships and bonds between children. They can share memories and experiences.

APK Permissions

  • open network sockets
  • enter Wi-Fi Multicast mode
  • Vibrating access
  • Access to information about networks
  • Stop the processor from sleeping and the screen from dimming.

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